​J.S. came from jumble beginnings. She was a quiet, somewhat shy girl who didn't date much because it was something her mother restricted.  

J.S. found out the hard way that there were men who only wanted certain things, were willing to do things for those things.  J.S. was dating by the time she went to College at 17.

There were plenty of opportunities to throw monkey wrenches into a profitable College career and J.S. took all of them.  

Although it took six years, she finally graduated with her degree in Psychology, turned on by the mind and it's inner workings. 

About J.S. Danielle

A poet. A mother. A friend. An author. 

J.S. began this part of her life, writing, in the early 1990s.  Sitting in classes while in College and trying her best to woo a guy who also had a love for writing: poetry. The love of poetry turned into having more than 5-7 lines that rhymed.

Time seemed endless when writing poetry, there was always something more inside of her begging to get out.

After searching for a publisher, J.S. put down her pen, concentrated on school.  Life happened and she had her family.

But now, nearly 20 years later, she's picked up her pen and begun to write again.