His Perfect One gives insight into the  life of the man who thought love did not exist, there was no one meant for him and life without his love wasn't worth living.

Devin Kane was a private, yet outspoken man of few words...it was because he didn't ever really need many words to convey what he wished. 

His actions spoke louder.  His expressions yelled in volumes.  His heart remained closed off...from everyone.

​Except for her.  The One he was told to look out for, to be open for,to try and be prepared for...he just wasn't ready.

​'Perfected' follows the story of Devin and Aria, while introducing you to their friends and loved ones.  Not everyone has had the fairy tale life and those that had...weren't prepared for the windfall that came with it.

We learn where the other's pasts have brought them from, what has brought them all together and what exactly is it that will never separate them.

Meet the team that Devin has since called family: His brothers and sisters, Havoc's Rain.  

Find out what their true missions are in the lives that not even the most prepared of human beings could have prepared for.

Fall in love with what it means for someone to "have your back".